2012 Rifle Donations

Patrol Rifle Donation Program

The Foundation is able to raise money to purchase patrol rifles. These rifles are then given away to full time Florida police officers who do not have a rifle who support our efforts. We are able to purchase one rifle for every Florida Fallen Officer from the previous year. Each rifle is engraved with:


(Fallen Officers Name)

(Fallen Officers Department)

The Fallen Officers End Of Watch (EOW) Date

During the State Ride, while visiting each officers department, we ask a member of that family to choose a card which has every supporting Florida Police Officer who registered during the year. The winning officer then receives that Fallen Officers engraved rifle to carry with him on the job. In many ways, some past winners have said, it’s like the Fallen Officer is there with him while he is on the job. 

If you have the ability and would like to donate a rifle this year, please feel free to contact me at any time…

 This year’s donations are:

The Blue Knights LEMC / Chapter IV Fort Lauderdale – Miami / For Fallen Officer Danny Rivera – Broward CountySO

The Shamrocks LEMC / Fort Lauderdale Chapter / For Fallen Officer Sergeant Gary Morales – St.Lucie CountySO

Craig Zinn Automotive Group / For Fallen Officer Sergeant Mike Wilson – Charlotte CountySO

“Your Name Here” / For fallen Officer Deputy Joseph “Shane” Roberts – Polk CountySO

“Your Name Here” / For Fallen Officer Tony Francis Koga, lll – Homestead Police Department

“Your Name Here” / For Fallen Officer Trooper William Herman Dyer, lll – Florida Highway Patrol


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